Work Work Work

I try to look my best every day. I brush twice and gargle in the morning. I clean my ears. Trim and clean my nails. I check my toes and pay close attention to the most intimate aspects of personal hygiene. I use body powder so I smell as fresh and clean as I look.

When I get to work I look and feel great. Ready for a power meeting in the largest corporate board room or brunch with the kings and queens of high fashion.

I could have been a record producer. I worked on a few records in the 60’s. That’s a tough job. Keeping the band all on the same track and focused, high, but not too high, just the right food, paying the studio guys.

It’s rough, but rewarding, and it pays very well. I could have stuck with it. I’d look as good at the end of the day as I do in the morning, at least to the band.

Instead, I get all fixed up for work like always, but after wrestling elephants all day I look like shit. Blood and dirt under my fingernails, scales all chalky and scuffed up. And I smell like sour peanuts and dung butter.

I’m just so damn good at wrestling elephants.

(Image from 20,000 Light Years From Earth).

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