Molly’s Ghost

NYC Midnight Flash Fiction Challenge: 100 words or less in 24 hours

Genre: Ghost Story Action: Braiding

99 words

Molly’s Ghost

I half-woke to the sensation of Molly’s fingers gently drawing my locks. Electric.

            “I always loved your hair,” she mooned.

I was bleary.

            “I thought you were driving to Peoria today.“

            “There was an accident on the highway. I didn’t make it.”

            “So, you came here to be with me?”

I raised my head to kiss her but she was behind me, out of reach, plaiting my hair without touching my scalp, like magic.

            “What happened?”

            “Guy on a bike came through my windshield” Her voice vibrated in my head. “So here I am with you my love.”

A few words were changed after kind and most excellent feedback from three judges.

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