About Kayen

  • Kayen Rice lives and works the sometimes-down-but-never-out blue collar life he writes about. He has worked as: a body man, fork lift operator, truck driver, surgery transporter, renal dialysis technician, UPS driver, truck mechanic, heavy tow truck driver, auto mechanic and refrigeration technician to name a few attempts to earn a living. He has lived in apartments, slept on friends’ couches and lived in his van. Mixed with all that were bankruptcy, recovery, two divorces, Welsh castles, the Tower of London, tragic death of an angel, and every reason to give up. His all-time hero is Wile E Coyote.
  • He once held a man’s leg as it was removed by a surgeon. He drove a double-sleeper semi with a 53 foot long trailer into the Morton Arboretum’s Godshalk meadow for an Allied Van Lines TV commercial. He rode his motorcycle from Springfield to his home outside Chicago (170 miles) in less than two hours.
  • His stories and humor are rooted in a world of hard work, busted knuckles, fast driving, bad decisions, good intentions and considerable observations. His heroes and villains look alike. They have the same values, shop at the same Wal Mart, ride the same highways, compete for the same jobs, share the same jail cells and they all search for answers and happiness around every bend and bender.
  • He was a Big Brother of America and he has been a habitual (every six weeks) blood donor for nearly ten years. When he’s not writing, or slinging wrenches, he enjoys photography, birding, gardening, reading literary fiction and riding his motorcycle like he stole it. He graduated Suma Cum Laude from Southern New Hampshire University.

“Do something good. Donate blood. There are people who need that pint more than you do! Your body will thank you too.” KR