LUCK Part Two

I was so relieved that there wasn’t any reason for me to crawl around on the monkey-puzzle that her car should have been that all I could think about was getting out of there while I was ahead.

LUCK Part Three

Like the thought-provoking stories and essays are filler between, photo spreads in Playboy, the lone entertainer is in the casino to offer people a measure of respectable sensibility as they steadily lighten their wallets and empty their bank accounts.


Bird-word gets out that there’s suet to be had at my place and the starlings descend on my yard like there’s free beer and a wet t-shirt contest at Freeman Farm.

Decisive Moments

Our tongues moved around in our mouths slowly, softly caressing each other back and forth like warm, mating worms. Her lips were hot and soft, so soft. It felt like our faces had melted together. That affair didn’t end the way it was supposed to—for Jacquie.


"...The same gravity that makes it hard for Fat Leon to climb stairs holds the moon in orbit.” We both chuckled. We love Fat Leon. Last year he was drunk and fell backwards on the steps of the courthouse and knocked his attorney and two civilians down.