About Kayen

  • I have lived and worked the blue collar life I write about as a body man, fork lift operator, truck driver, surgery transporter, renal dialysis technician, UPS driver, truck mechanic, heavy tow truck driver, auto mechanic and refrigeration technician. The list continues to grow. I’ve been unemployed, underemployed, laid off and fired. I’ve quit more jobs than more people have read adds for.
  • I’ve been divorced twice, engaged three times and arrested once. I don’t always play nice with others.
  • My all-time hero is Wile E Coyote.
  • I was a Big Brother of America and I have been a regular blood donor for over ten years. When I’m not writing, or slinging wrenches, I enjoy photography, birding, gardening, reading literary fiction and riding my motorcycles like I stole them.
  • I graduated Suma Cum Laude from Southern New Hampshire University.
  • My stories and humor are rooted in a world of hard work, busted knuckles, fast driving, bad decisions, good intentions and considerable observations. My heroes and villains look alike. They have the same values, shop at the same Wal Mart, ride the same highways, compete for the same jobs, share the same jail cells and they all search for answers and happiness.